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Allergy Relief, Reimagined

New Technology

LumiMed offers a revolutionary breakthrough in medical technology for those suffering from sinus and allergy nasal congestion and breathing problems lumimed is drug-free which will not only improve your overall well-being but offers a less expensive alternative to traditional treatments.

LumaMed has been in development for more than 20 years by Dr Seuss specialize in allergy in immunology The luma med devices available over the counter and is intended for day-to-day home use.

How it Works

LumiMed is a phototherapy device that uses high power red light to provide a therapeutic treatment for allergic rhinitis The treatment is intended to relieve the swelling itching congestion sneezing and runny nose associated with seasonal and perennial allergies x is convenient and easy to use just to press the device trigger to wake the device and insert the tapered tip of the instrument into the nose one nostril at a time this activates the safety sensor switch allowing the phototherapy session to begin while the phototherapy device is actively emitting light a tone sounds to let you know that the system is functioning.

Freedom in the palm of your hand

LumiMed Device Black in hand.jpg

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